If you have not realized it already their are millions of searches being conducted ever day on the most popular search engines all over the world. The biggest question that affiliate marketers and businesses have is what exactly are these people searching for? What are they typing in to find what they are seeking? There are many free tools that these search engines and social networks offer. Of course there are amazing paid tools that you can use but here are some of the best free tools first.

Search Terms

  • Google Trends:  What Google Trends does is it gives you access to the database of the big G to show you which keywords you type in are the most popular. You can look back 10 years to see what the current and past trends were and currently still are. You can separate the search volume by country or region as well as by language and also find out if it was image, news, or a web search.  You can also see the current trends for the last week by going to Google Hot Searches.
  • Google Auto-complete: Of course you can also go to Google Search and use Google’s Auto-complete feature. This tool helps you search for the monthly searches. When you begin to type in your search term Google.com will automatically begin to show you keywords after that. This helps you to find long tail keywords to use and target which often are much easier to rank for. What is great about this feature is that you get to see the predictions in real time. The one thing that you want to make sure that you is to sign out of Google when using this feature otherwise you will find yourself getting search terms based on what you have been looking for in the past.
  • Yahoo Trending: This is one of Yahoo’s best features in my opinion. This shows you not only the keywords but it shows the actual articles, videos and news that is currently trending on yahoo search. This is similar to Google but you can actually see the content itself which helps when you want to get into the minds of the searchers.
  • Bing Trends: Not my favorite tool as it shows data that is a year old but it comes in handy with trends and topics that are still popular. I am hoping that Bing starts to update their tools a little better then what is currently available.
  • Bing Webmaster Keyword Research Beta: Unlike Bing Trends this is a really good tool to use to see the search volume of keywords that are available. You break it down by country, region, and language. This tool shows you all the organic search queries and similar that you want to target. This tool aslo shows you the average cost per click you would expect to pay and the competition value of each keyword or search term.
  • AOL Search Trends: Believe it or not many people still use AOL search. This is a very unused traffic source that many marketers are out of the loop with. This tool lists hours and daily top trends to give you the most up to date and accurate info out of all the free tools available. The AOL data comes from AOL and all their partner companies.

Social Media Search Tools


  • Twitter Search: Social Media is becoming more and more important. This twitter search tools will help you find what people are tweeting about by hashtag, search word, or username, You can use their advanced search feature in order to see the mood people are in towards certain trends.
  • YouTube Keyword Tool: Are you not taking advantage of youtube marketing yet? If you are not you are missing out an enormous traffic source.  The youtube keyword tool will show you all the top monthly search volume, the competition and how many closely related matches that are being searched for.
  • YouTube Trends: This is an accurate tool that shows you all of the trending videos on youtube. You can sort by the topic and date. This pulls the videos from the popularity of the video as well as the tags that are being used. This is a great way to gain the edge you were looking for.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool: This one you already probably know about but I am listing it for those of you that do not. The Google Adwords keywords tool gives you all the insights you need. You can group your keywords and search terms accordingly.

Top Web Searches – Paid Search Tools

Sometimes the free tools will only get you so far. They are great to use if you are starting out but there are so many amazing paid tools for SEO and Keyword research online. Below is a list of some of the best search term tools online..

  • SEMRUSH : Do you want to learn just about everything you can about your competitors?Many of the top affiliate marketers online today have used SEM Rush to track their competitors organic and paid keywords.
  • KEYWORD SPYThis is a great tool if you advertise using PPC. You can track your competitors ad spend, see how much they pay on average per cloick, see which ads that they have been running the longest and more.